Race 4 Charity

Race 4 Charity




Race 4 Charity offers runners an opportunity to turn their running efforts into something great for charity, and the CMA is hoping to build on the foundation they laid over the past three years. The campaign is intended to foster wider support for charitable fundraising for the CMA's six official charities. An exciting facet to this campaign is that runners have the opportunity to improve their seeding batch, while raising funds for a good cause.

The CMA has reserved 1,000 entries for runners, who need to raise R5,000 each. This will ensure that they get to start in their own special seeding batch (“CC” - Comrades Charity batch) near the front of the field on race day.

All Race 4 Charity runners will also be on the receiving end of an exclusive goodie bag which they can collect during Registration. The entry process is also a simple one, runners need to enter the Comrades 2015 by closing date of entries but will have until 5 May 2015 to sign up and raise funds. Please note that normal race rules still apply for entries and there are no refunds, should a runner fail to qualify or raise the minimum amount. We have also managed to secure some incentive prizes for those runners who raise the most for the Amabeadibeadi charities. 



To support your favorite runner, find them on the list of Race4Charity runners above and click on their "view profile" link to make a donation online to their cause. You can also send them a message of support when making a donation on their fundraising page. Runners get to choose which of the six AmaBeadiBeadi charities they would like to support and if your favorite runner is not yet part of the Run4Charity they can log on to there entry profile and select to join the charity drive. Create your fundraising page: choose one of our 6 Amabeadibeadi charities, tell us a bit about yourself, and let the fundraising begin!

Get your family and fellow runners to support your cause: Send the link to your donors , who can then donate by one of the following methods:

  • Credit Card 
  • Electronic fund transfer (EFT)
  • Start Now



  • Normal race entry rules and qualification criteria apply for the 2015 Comrades Marathon. (You still need to enter as per normal and you still need to run a standard marathon in under 5 hours).
  • You need to raise a minimum of R5000 by 2 May 2015 to get into the CC batch.
  • There will be no refunds - if you do not raise the minimum amount, the funds raised will still be paid over to the charities.
  • Only Comrades Amabeadibeadi Charities will be supported on this platform.