“Being an organisation that works within a large community, we have had several cancer patients which has broadened our perspective of the condition and the way in which we all view it. Cancer has taken the lives of many over the years, but many have conquered it.

Cancer does not shape love, hope, humility, joy, peace or even suppress memories. Cancer is so limited because it cannot silence our courage, invade our soul or steal our eternal life, and that’s why we at Ladies of Hope which are member hospices to HPCA (The Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa) do the best that we can in making our patients comfortable, adding hope to their everyday life if not with a massage, maybe with a chat about life and how wonderful it really is, as our vision states we aim to “provide holistic care” for all our patients and seeing them happy is the best part of our everyday life.

Ladies of Hope has sadly lost 14 patients to cancer.

Alongside the Methodist Church and the community, Ladies of Hope has come together with our amazing team to organize a Prayer Day that was held on Sunday 28th of October 2018. The event celebrated the survivors and remembered the ones we lost to this illness.

A well-known quote by John Bunya teaches us to care for each other without expecting to be repaid because that’s the beauty of life: to live to do something for someone or help someone that is unequipped to help themselves, keeping the key principle in mind that we do not help so we can be helped in return, but we help so we can be able to touch a life by helping to make a difference.”


“In 2018, approximately 1000 children will be diagnosed with cancer and thousands more are already battling their cancer journey.

The treatment for childhood cancer is long, arduous, scary and lonely. CHOC works tirelessly to provide the essential support, care and counselling that is needed to endure this treatment and avoid abandonment of treatment.

Each and every donation received goes a long way to ensure that children living with cancer are given every fighting chance to survive this dreaded disease. Whether it's the emotional support received by a CHOC social worker in the paediatric ward, to providing a home away from home at the CHOC houses or providing transport funds to get to and from the hospital.

Every rand helps!

By choosing to run the 2019 Comrades Marathon you have shown your support and commitment to helping these extremely brave children and their families. The money you raise is the biggest gift you can give to anybody - the gift of life.

CHOC cannot do it alone. We need your help to keep hope alive for these children and their families!”


 “My 13 year-old daughter Mbali was diagnosed with leukaemia and began treatment immediately. During the day I was with my daughter at hospital, and later I would go and sleep at the CHOC House in East London. The support I’ve received from CHOC has been amazing, as I am from a small village in Whittlesea, 192km from East London where the hospital is. I had no family to visit me but I didn’t feel it because CHOC provided me and my child with everything we needed. Thank you so much to CHOC!” – Zinhle


Caption: L-R Richard Rangiah (Community Chest) handing over the running shoes at the Duzi Park Run

“On the 22nd September 2018, the Pietermaritzburg & District Community Chest had an opportunity to distribute pre-owned running shoes to deserving runners at the Duzi Park Run which is a 5km run held every Saturday starting at 8:00am.

The event takes place at Campsdrift/Cricket Oval in Pietermaritzburg. Special thanks and appreciation to the Comrades Marathon Association for facilitating the generous donation of 82 pairs of pre-owned running shoes from Comrades runners in Brazil. These shoes were lovingly handed out on the day with big smiles and hugs from the beneficiaries.

The Community Chest is an officially recognised Amabeadibeadi charity which benefits from the Comrades Marathon Association’s fundraising initiatives.”

If you wish to run on behalf of the Community Chest in the 2019 Comrades Marathon, please contact Angie Narayanan on 033-3941031 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.