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Athletes will not be in possession of their 2014 licenses at the time of entry; however athletes will still have to comply with the rule that they must be licensed through an officially registered athletics club affiliated to Athletics South Africa in order to run the 2014 Comrades Marathon. As with the new qualifying criteria, you will be able to enter for 2014 Comrades Marathon before having received your 2014 license. You will however have to submit your club name and license number to the CMA before or by the 6 May 2014. Failure to submit these details will result in your entry being rejected. 




Please kindly register your details with Comrades to update your Club Information. This will keep your club information current and correct. This will also ensure that we are able to communicate any developments and forward newsletters to the correct address. If any of your club information changes, kindly update.

For any further information please contact the Comrades Marathon on +27(0)33 8978650 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .