Life Membership

Life Membership

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Membership of CMA shall be open to all persons who subscribe to the primary objects of CMA and who have applied for membership. The Board of Trustees shall have the right to refuse membership of the CMA to any persons provided that refusal is not based on religious or political belief, sex, nationality or race, any application for membership shall be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval or rejection. If the application is approved the applicant, on payment of any subscription or fees which may be due, shall become an member subject to the rights and obligations of other members of CMA.


1986 Derek Palframan
1986 Mick Winn
1987 Bullet Alexander #
1988 John Godlonton
1988 Bob Lambert #
1996 Alan Vincent
1996 Mervyn Williams
1996 Jeff Minnaar
1996 Barry Varty
1997 Margie Alexander #
2000 Adrian Stowell
2001 Alison West #
2002 Cheryl Winn
2005 Tony Morrison
2005 Darrel Leibbrandt
2005 Peter Proctor
2006 Dave Dixon
2010 Jeremy Boulter
2014 Macdonald Chitja

# Deceased


1988 Frank Martin #
1990 Toppy Fanner
1990 Morris Alexander
1990 Bert Bendzulla #
1990 Vernon Jones #
1990 Herman Delvin #
1990 Ian Wyllie #
1998 Piet Van Der Leeuw
1999 Dave Barron
2001 Tony Morrison
2001 Darrel Leibbrandt
2002 Theo Millar
2003 Jeremy Boulter
2003 Ray Karg #
2004 Topsy Baillon
2005 Bobby Maharajh
2006 Mike Bath
2006 Terence Hoskins
2010 Jeremy Taylor
2014 Paula Dixon
2014 Eileen Hall
2014 Celi Makhoba
2014 Isaac Ngwenya
2014 Dudley St John Ward

# Deceased


2002 Leonard Chuene
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