CMA Procurement 2017

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The Comrades Marathon Association maintains a database of suppliers and service providers who can supply various goods or provide various services to the organisation. These suppliers are approached through a competitive, fair and transparent Procurement process. Procurement invitation requests i.e. Request for Quotations (RFQ) and/or Invitations to Tender, will be sent to suppliers/service providers on a fair, rotational basis.

To register on our Suppliers Database, please complete the attached CMA Suppliers Database application forms. Click here to download.

Please submit the completed CMA Suppliers Database application form with all required annexure to the following address:

Comrades Marathon Association
Comrades House
18 Connaught Road

Attention: Procurement Officer - Mr. Alain Dalais.
For any Procurement or Suppliers Database enquiries, please contact the CMA Procurement Officer, Mr. Alain Dalais, on telephone number 033-8978650.