Hundreds of pairs of new and used running shoes will be donated to charity, thanks to the generosity and goodwill of our Comrades runners from Brazil. Comrades International Brand Ambassador for Brazil, Nato Amaral says, “We have been involved in the shoe drive for the past few years and its just about doing something good for those runners in South Africa. We are happy to assist where ever we can and found that the shoe donations are very well received every year.”


“My husband and I ran Comrades Marathon 7 times and we really love this race and especially South African people, who welcome us with a such huge affection.

The Campaign was created some years ago to collect the running shoes because we wanted to thank South Africa in some way. It started in our town and in 2017 it became a national campaign. Now it’s a huge event and all Brazilian runners want to help in some way.

This year we are taking to Durban more than 1000 pairs of shoes.

Even though there are a lot of poor people in Brazil and we always have someone who needs clothes and shoes, people were so enthusiastic to donate their shoes to South African people and we were amazed and so very happy with the result of our campaign.

Not only because of the amount of shoes, but also, because of the happiness from people that donated their shoes knowing that it was going to South Africa. Some of them were grateful just for being able to take part in the campaign, as if this allowed them to also be part of Comrades. So touching!

I would like to tell you this story, because Comrades and the South African people touched our hearts and this race changed our lives. We became more generous and more friendly, because of what we live during the race. It’s so special. My husband and I ran marathons all over the world and we never saw something like Comrades. It’s a wonderful experience.”