“Dear Comrades Runner,

Thank you for bearing with us as we do our best to get all race packs couriered to athletes across South Africa as soon as possible.

We are happy to report that 147 running clubs in the country have already received their consignment of goodie bags (being 13,561 units) for their entered members. This equated to 53,2% of the total RSA entries accounted for.

Check this link on our website for a club status distribution update https://www.comrades.com/index.php/events/comrades-events/race-pack-distribution. Unfortunately, the project has taken a two-week break as we awaited the reopening of the Durban Coastal Mental Health where the packing of goodie bags will now re-commence and be ready for distribution.

The institution was closed for an entire week due to a suspected Covid-19 case so no packing was possible over that period. We envisage that dispatching will continue on Tuesday, 11th August from Comrades House, on a daily basis and uninterrupted.

We have a system in place where we are first packing all the club orders through to completion. This is for clubs that indicated that they are willing to assist with the distribution to their members. Of the 1032 clubs with entries into the 2020 race only 466 responded saying they would assist with distribution.

If you want to get your goodie bag quicker we suggest that you convince your club administrator to assist with the distribution by sending a mail to info@comrades.com.

Once the club allocation process is done which we anticipate to be at month-end, we will then start sending the individual packs to those athletes whose clubs were not able to assist in the distribution process. Please ensure that you have a physical street address in your entry profile so as to ensure effective delivery.

We foresee this taking about the entire month of September as there are presently around 8,500 to be done individually. 

We once again thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay well and run safe!”- CMA Race Director, Rowyn James.