“When my late wife left this world in 2012, there was no one with whom I could spend my time, like I used to do with her. She was my everything and we did a lot together.


I remember the day – Tuesday, 28 August like it was yesterday, because my whole life had changed considerably. I then started wondering what it would be like to run the Comrades Marathon.


Once this idea had taken hold in my mind, I began training for my first Comrades in 2014. I kept my word and took on The Ultimate Human Race that year and never looked back.


From that year on, the bug had bitten. Comrades was now in my blood and I did it diligently every year, to the point that I have 5 Comrades medals to my name.


I love everything about the Comrades Marathon and look forward to achieving my 6th Comrades medal.


The Comrades Marathon has done so much for me as a person; giving me hope when I felt that there was so little to hold onto; giving me strength when I felt I couldn’t go on; instilling discipline in me and making me achieve so much. I will forever be grateful.


Salphie, you are my inspiration; may your soul rest in peace. Till we meet again in heaven.”



The winner of this month’s Arnica Ice hamper is Joey Ndlovu.