Runners found to have been cheating in the Comrades Marathon are tarnishing the reputation of the sport and the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA), as well as disrespecting fellow athletes.


It is in this light that the CMA has announced the suspension of three athletes who were investigated for having cheated in the 2019 Comrades Marathon.


These athletes were found to have either supplied false entry information and/or having utilised another athlete to run their qualifying race.


The CMA will not be releasing the names of the suspended athletes; however these transgressors will have their 2019 race result declared null and void, in addition to being excluded from participating in the Comrades Marathon for the next 2 to 5 years, depending on the transgression.


The CMA has also notified the respective running clubs and provincial athletics federations of the offending athletes. CMA Race Director, Rowyn James says, “The CMA will not tolerate cheating in any form. It is incumbent upon every athlete to honour the ethical code and ethos of the sport.”


James adds, “We promote fair sport and to this end are continuing with investigations into other alleged transgressions, the outcome of which may be announced in due course.”