With the #Comrades2020 entry cap for South African athletes having been reached, the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) has announced that it regrettably cannot accept any more local entries.


The South African entry cap of 25,000 was reached barely three days after the entry process opened.


CMA Race Director, Rowyn James has thanked our local South African athletes for making the Comrades Marathon the Ultimate Human Race, not just in South Africa but worldwide; and culminating in the epic uptake of entries for the 95th Comrades Marathon.


The number of foreign athletes participating in #Comrades2020 will also receive a boost, as the 2,500-entry cap specific to all foreign athletes nears its peak, with the only entries still available being those that have been allocated to our Comrades Tour Operators.


CMA General Manager, Keletso Totlhanyo has announced the appointment of the nine Comrades Tour Operators (CTO); one each in the six countries with the largest Comrades contingents as well as three local tour operators.


Up until the #Comrades2020 foreign cap is reached, aspirant foreign runners will only be able to enter through the designated Comrades Tour Operator in their country/region or through a locally appointed one.


The officially appointed Comrades Tour Operators can be viewed HERE.