Following on the overwhelming success of last year’s Race the Comrades Legends Virtual Event (hastily put together in a period of 5 weeks) in which 43,778 participants from South Africa and around the world participated to make it the world’s largest virtual event, the CMA will be hosting its second virtual event, the Comrades Centenary Hope Challenge on Sunday 13th June, the day on which the 2021 Comrades Marathon was originally scheduled and sadly cancelled owing to Covid-19.

We are calling on all Comrades Marathon runners, family members, friends and supporters, anyone who has experienced the life-changing effect of completing a Comrades Marathon, or anyone who would like to experience a taste of it, to join in this once-in-a lifetime opportunity to personally participate in our 100 year celebrations, experience the camaraderie of Comrades vicariously along with tens of thousands of other runners in towns, villages and cities throughout South Africa and around the world, because the best we can do right now is to do it virtually, give something back to Comrades as well as our Official Charities, and be part of an event that promises to be historic.

Every finisher, whether 5km, 10km 21.1km, 45km or 100km will receive a totally unique and magnificent Comrades Centenary Hope Challenge REAL MEDAL, as well as a virtual medal and certificate.

And every entrant in the 21.1km, 45km and 90km will ALSO receive a FREE limited-edition Comrades Centenary Hope Challenge T-shirt.

There has been some chatter on social media regarding the R400 South Africa entry fee for the 21.1km, 45km or 90km, for which the point has clearly been missed that the fee includes a real medal and a limited-edition Comrades Centenary T-shirt, which somewhere down the line is destined to become a coveted collector’s item.

Contrary to any possible misconception, CMA is by no means either wealthy, profit-driven or motivated by the accumulation of wealth, which could not be further from the truth.

CMA is registered with the South African Revenue Service as a Public Benefit Organisation, and as a  Non-Profit Organisation in accordance with the Non-Profit Organisation Act No 71 of 1997, in terms of which it is defined as an organisation that is not set up for the profit of its members, but for the benefit of the public. The Act requires that any surplus of the organisation be re-invested and used for the purpose of attaining the main goal of the organisation and may not in any manner be distributed to its members.

The CMA Board, all of whom serve in a 100% voluntary capacity for no remuneration whatsoever, are passionately dedicated to ethically, efficiently and effectively furthering the Vision of the Comrades Marathon Association which is to stage the biggest and best ultramarathon in the world and the most inclusive sporting event in South Africa, which by extension means keeping entry fees as low as we possibly can, including our virtual event.

Right now, the CMA Board is laser-focused on sustaining the resources of the Comrades Marathon to take it forward for the next 100 years, for which we HOPE to rely upon loyal and passionate Comrades Marathon runners’ participation and support.

We urge you and call on you to encourage your friends and loved ones, to enter the Comrades Centenary Hope Challenge, if for no other reason than to support and sustain the race you love, and to join us in celebrating not only the last 100 years, but ensuring the next 100.

Keep safe and God bless.


For more information or to enter CLICK HERE