“The 2020 Comrades Marathon cancellation gave most of us a 20/20 vision. I carried the idea of writing my book on the Comrades Marathon in my head for over ten years.

Each year after completing the Comrades Marathon, I wanted to download the book from my memory, but it had never happened. Either the “server” jammed or was corrupt. They call it the writer’s mental block.

In 2020 during lockdown, I was disappointed when the Comrades Marathon Association finally announced the race was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. My target to complete 20 consecutive Comrades runs before age caught up with me was compromised.

Instead of blaming the poor strange virus, sulking or throwing a tantrum, I decided to run the race on paper for eight months. The book, The Bus Driver, came out beautifully and is loved by seasoned runners and those who want to try their first Comrades.

It captures my experiences in running Comrades over ten years and how this iconic race changes lives and teaches leadership lessons. Comrades has given me so many significant experiences and taught me so much more about living a life with meaning. I remain eternally grateful for The Ultimate Human Race.”

The winner of this month’s Arnica Ice hamper is Lazarus Malebana.