The Comrades Marathon is a race characterised by a rich tradition of achievement in many ways. In addition to being the “greatest ultra-marathon” in the world, the Comrades Marathon has been host to many extra-ordinary athletic performances and tales of human courage and sacrifice over the years. 

The Comrades community is the kind of community where everyone has a place and despite the event taking place once a year, there is an unspeakable bond between those who have finished, attempted and those who aspire to complete it.

These unprecedented times were never expected, and the thought of not being able to run the Ultimate Human Race they way it was meant to be run – left us empty.

Last year saw thousands of runners take to the “streets” within their own communities instead of the traditional Comrades route – This emphasised the desire of runners to feel that unspeakable bond.

I am excited to feel the sense of togetherness again this year, while we work our way through the pandemic, and the restrictions that make it difficult to gather in front of the city hall, ready to fill the streets with the sound of takkies hitting the tar.

The Comrades Marathon, alongside a refreshing Bavaria, my favourite, promises to make the 13th of June 2021, a day to remember.

Though we may be running apart, we will be running with hope in our hearts. As only does this year mark the 100th year since the start of the race but it’s also a day to remind us that soon we will be able to see a world beyond COVID-19.