She ran her first Comrades Marathon in 1986, achieved her Green Number status in 2008 and spent many more years as an athletics administrator and supporter of all things running.

Together with her husband, she started the Sani Athletic Club and served as the Chairperson for many years; she also went on to take over the Sani Stagger and elevated it into a prestigious international event as well as an official Comrades qualifier.

Trish Crawley is certainly a woman of substance. Her passion for running has taken her to far flung places all over the world; making her one of a few women to have run 7 marathons on 7 continents and she still enjoys a good run.

Trish ran a 10km in the CMA’s inaugural virtual event, Race the Comrades Legends last year and ran a 5km in this year’s Comrades Centenary Hope Challenge.

She said, “This year’s Centenary Hope Challenge was so significant because it’s the Comrades Centenary and it was my late husband’s all-time wish to be part of the Comrades Centenary. Clive Crawley lived for the Comrades. He retained Comrades Permanent Number 1 and was also the first Comrades runner to achieve 40 Comrades finishes, putting him at the top of the Comrades Quadruple Green Number Roll of Honour.”

“Clive would have turned 90 this year and we also marked a year since his passing. In honour of him, the wonderful man, friend, husband, father and dedicated Comrades runner that he was, I laid a wreath at his Comrades plaque on the Wall of Honour at the Halfway Point on Hope Challenge day. It was a very special remembrance of Comrades Number 1 where we also lit a Number One candle. His wreath was made of penny gum leaves and contained 4 proteas to denote his Comrades Quadruple Green Number status.”

Clive Crawley was 89 years old when he passed away last June. Being the holder of Comrades Race Number 1, he ran his very first Comrades Marathon in 1957, having been a member of Savages Athletic Club for just about his entire running career.

Clive was the first runner to have earned Quadruple Green Number status in the 1998 Comrades Marathon in a time of 8:36:22, followed shortly thereafter by his friend and fellow teammate Kenny Craig in a time of 10:15:46. Clive went on to successfully complete an epic 42 Comrades Marathons, with 2 Gold, 21 Silver and 19 Bronze medals, with his Gold medals having been achieved in the 1961 and 1965 Comrades Marathons.

His best time however of 6:11:19 was achieved in 1971 when he finished in 10th position, during which time Gold medals were awarded to only the first 6 positions.

For nearly one and a half decades after retiring from the race in 2000, Clive was a regular at the Green Number facility, handing out Green Numbers to new inductees onto the Green Number Roll of Honour, inspiring runners to even greater heights and continually motivating people to give of their best.

CMA Chairperson, Cheryl Winn said, “We remember Clive Crawley very fondly. Our hearts go out to Trish and the family. Clive made his mark on the Comrades Marathon and many runners will long remember his immense contribution to road running.”