“What a wonderful day to celebrate the Comrades Marathon Centenary as I went all out to attempt running 100km on the day. Standing here I can also proudly say that I made it.  

It was so difficult thinking of achieving this 100km feat as I had developed flu symptoms and had a knee pain the day before Challenge day.

Then I gave myself a pep-talk. My 5 ‘Ds’ came into the picture – Dedication, Determination, Desire, Discipline, Devotion – and I had to simply rely on them.

I gave it my all and I made it! 100km, my own personal achievement as I continue writing my running history.

Thanks to my Welkom runners group for supporting me with this crazy idea and wow, the reception at the finishing point was so heart-warming. I feel blessed. Thank you Comrades for giving me wings!”

The winner of this month’s Arnica Ice hamper is Nkhetheni Masupa.