“As young as the baby would know it’s mother, most runners across the world on 13th June, 2021 woke up to the spirit of Comrades Centenary Hope Challenge Virtual Race, knowing that the Comrades is still alive and the Hope of running it in the near future lies in our efforts to win over Covid-19 which has affected our normal way of life since 2019.

Every Runner who registered for the Hope Challenge wished for good hope and Zambian participants rose to the occasion running the respective distances of 5km, 10km, 21.1km, 45km and the 90km.

The majority of runners were in the categories of 21.1km, 45km and 90km with those first timers breaking their physiological barriers of attempting such preferred distances. 

Like many other runners across the globe, our athletes used the Comrades Centenary Hope Challenge to access their ability and capabilities with Hope to come and participate at the actual event.

With a growing running community in Zambia, runners entered from Lusaka which is the capital city, all the way along the line of rail which included major towns like Kabwe, Ndola, Kitwe and Chingola, all in the Copperbelt province.

The Comrades Centenary Hope Challenge Virtual Race gave runners from Zambia a new Hope of feeling to come and run the actual Comrades mostly appreciating the fact of good health as a beneficial factor of running. 

Among the Runner’s Hope message were as follows, “Hope is the world will heal soon from Covid-19 to run together” –  Runner Bib No. 40000,

Runner Bib No. 35094 – “Hope is Breaking Down Barriers”

Runner Bib No.70102 – “Hope is The only thing stronger than Fear”

The day ended on a high spirit of happiness and appreciation especially that the support system which was put in place, helped all the runners with the hydration and supplements along the way.