“A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else.”

 CMA Chairperson, Cheryl Winn said, “Over the decades, I have met many extraordinary women, here in South Africa and all over the world. Each of them has a story, their own story, of perseverance, hard work and an overriding sense of goodwill.

It’s not too different from nearly every runner’s Comrades Story; showcasing their grit and determination to conquer The Ultimate Human Race.

No matter which woman I meet and what her story is, I am almost always deeply moved by everything that has brought her to this point, her strength, her courage, her vision, her love for her family, her unfaltering motivation, her loud voice, her clear message, her unshakable belief in herself.

With every step forward, she makes a difference to her community; she uplifts those around her and mobilises her world. 

I have found that where there is a woman, there is opportunity, there is goodwill, there is hope.

Women are a promise unto the planet that we can build a better world. It is in that spirit that we honour women in this month.”

From the CMA to women in South Africa and all around the world – Happy Women’s Month!