“Every runner knows that the Comrades tee will forever remain a hero in every running wardrobe.”

Keep ahead of the running pack in affordable and classic style with the timeless Comrades t-shirt.

The t-shirt in all its simplicity is one garment that is versatile, effortless, stylish and practical; and remains an essential item that will never retire. The Comrades tee is a fashion staple that can be partnered with a chic shirt, a cool jacket or just plain on its own and put to use for what its best at – as a good running tee!

The Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) has a wide range of top quality t-shirts which are up for sale in different styles, colours and designs to choose from – be it the limited edition Race the Comrades Legends, the Comrades Centenary Hope Challenge or the 95th Comrades Marathon ones.

Never skimping on value and comfort, our tees stay on trend with the latest running fashions. Not only are they are a gorgeous addition to any running wardrobe but are a sure way of keeping the spirit of Comrades alive.

Now is your opportunity get yourself and your running bestie a Comrades t-shirt at a discounted rate of R130 each.

Runners and supporters can choose from the Comrades Marathon Limited Edition version which comes in blue and green, a red 95th Comrades Marathon race tee as well as a turquoise Race The Comrades Legends tee.

To place your order go to or contact Thami Vilakazi or Sifiso Mngoma for any T-shirt sale enquiries.

The purchased T-shirt can be collected at Comrades House at no cost or couriered to your home or workplace at a cost of R110. The delivery process begins as soon as proof of payment is received with a delivery time of approximately 4-5 working days.

Please note that shirt orders are only available to runners and supporters residing in South Africa.