All nine of the former and present CMA Chairpersons participated in the ‘Race The Comrades Legends’ virtual race as did the present CMA Vice Chairperson and 8 other current Board members in an unprecedented demonstration of solidarity with the race and unconditional support for one another during this particularly trying time.


CMA Vice Chairperson, Mqondisi Ngcobo led the ambitious charge in going for the traditional 90km official Comrades Marathon distance, earning himself the rare and prestigious ‘Race The Comrades Legends’ 90km Gold Medal in a time of 8:13:53.


The immediate past two CMA Chairpersons Sifiso Nzuza and Macdonald Chitja, as well as Board member Isaac Ngwenya, with a total of 58 Comrades Marathons between them, ran the Half Comrades or 45km distance, to each earn a genuine ‘Race The Comrades Legends’ 45km Silver Medal.


Chasing the ‘Race The Comrades Legends’ 21,1km Bronze Medal were CMA Board members Steve Mkasi and Pat Freeman, while Board members Les Burnard, Celi Makhoba and Zinhle Sokhela did their bit to earn the incredibly attractive and distinctive ‘Race The Comrades Legends’ 10km Matt Black Medal. 


Apart from Chitja and Nzuza, when it comes to the other past and present Chairpersons of CMA, it was a completely different story in terms of ambition, competitiveness and basic fitness, but rather loyalty, absolute commitment to Comrades and the opportunity to participate in a really significant occasion in the history of the Comrades Marathon, that had attracted every single living past Chairman to participate, regardless of present personal impediments.



Mervyn Williams (and his Double Green Number wife, Paddy who is recovering from recent knee-replacement surgery) completed their 5km in Underberg.


Dave Dixon and Barry Varty are presently recovering from major surgery but were both out on the road; Dave in Pietermaritzburg who did his 10km and Barry in Hillcrest, who earned his 5km medal; as well as Jeff Minnaar recovering from recent illness, Adrian Stowell and Peter Proctor, who also ran the 5km distance. The ‘Race The Comrades Legends’ 5km Medal is described as Red Oxide.


As for founding Chairperson of the Comrades Marathon Association, Mick Winn, who for the first time in 89 years he experienced being pushed 5km in a wheelchair, by his wife Cheryl, the present Chairperson, as well as other family members