“The Comrades Marathon always amazes you and in the same vein, never fails to test you. Everyone took strain in the 2013 Comrades Up Run which was one of my most memorable races ever.


There were so many bodies beside the road who had succumbed to the blistering heat of the berg winds. You almost felt lucky that you could make it through unscathed.


There was a particularly good-looking runner from Brazil running at around my pace. He reminded me of Ridge Forrester from the television soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, with his broad shoulders, long black hair and olive skin.


I knew that my wife, who was seconding me, was checking him out. Who wouldn’t? However, at the finish, she commented that she hadn’t seen the Brazilian guy who was keeping pace with me.


I smugly responded, perhaps with more enjoyment than I should have, that I had last seen him sprawled on the grass on the roadside somewhere near Lion Park.

I would have puffed out my chest had I had the energy. The moral of the story: You don’t have to be movie star gorgeous to run this race. Actually, your looks won’t get you to the finish. You probably need to be a little nuts and have a lot of perseverance.”


The winner of this month’s Arnica Ice hamper is Ashley Green-Thompson.