“My #Comrades experience was a little different. It was a busy year and my training was very bad since I was preparing for my Pageant International competition, that was going to take place in Atlanta, USA; a week apart from Comrades.

My first official race to qualify at was Om Die Dam. Either that or the Chatsworth Ultra-Marathon, both of which are not the easiest; but thankfully that went well.

Through all the madness and the rush, race day was good to me and I ran a comfortable Comrades. I had no blisters and was in such good shape that I drove back to Newcastle on the same day after finishing my 4th big C – 90km in 11hr10min.

The miracle was actually when I was flying for 21 hours to Atlanta, 12 hours to Paris, 9 hours connecting to Atlanta, Pageant week, lots of hills and running around.

Arnica Ice was my saving grace. I felt no pain or niggles and went about my business as usual. Arnica Ice works; I sure did enjoy My Ultimate Human Race.

What I have learned is that we can’t change the world, but if we do small things together every day, we can achieve big things and change someone else’s world.”