The CMA will provide the following medical facilities for runners during the 2023 Comrades Marathon.

Netcare 911 will provide the following along the route:

Netcare 911 will provide the following along the route: 

• 16 ambulances equipped with satellite tracking to enable us to accurately position the vehicles and ensure optimal response times to attend to runners in difficulty.
• 7 rapid response vehicles with advanced life support paramedics and full emergency equipment
• 4 motor bikes with paramedics
• 1 air rescue helicopter
• 8 medical points.

These will be controlled from the Medical Joint Operations Control Centre (JOC), based at the finish, where there will be 8 computers, a full complement of staff to operate them and record all details; and to despatch vehicles as and where necessary.

CALL 082 911

All calls for medical assistance for runners should be made to the Netcare 911 medical emergency number 082 911. These calls will then be routed directly to the Medical JOC.

There are 8 Netcare medical stations on route manned by qualified Professional Nurses and Paramedical staff. These stations also incorporate diabetic facilities where blood sugar levels can be tested. The medical stations will treat minor medical problems and will be used to treat or stabilise runners till arrival of ambulance.

There are 8 physio stations on route manned by qualified Physios and 3rd year Physio students who will treat minor problems like cramping and strapping injuries. The Physio and 1st Aid Stations will be situated together.

The medical facility at the finish venue will include critical care facilities, manned by approximately 75 Doctors and 20 Nurses. The facility will also have a mini laboratory provided by Ampath.

There will also be a three bed, fully equipped, ICU type resuscitation area. This area will have a dedicated specialist emergency team to provide appropriate emergency care if needed.

Please note. The medical facility is for runners only. Due to the large number of runners being treated and staff working in the tent, particularly during the last two hours of the race, we cannot allow relatives or friends into the tent. We just do not have enough space! They should go to the Information tent, from where they will be directed to the Medical Waiting tent to wait for their runner, have some tea or coffee and receive updates as to the runner’s condition and expected time of discharge. 

There will be a small medical facility on the finish line. This will be staffed by an emergency care doctor and a paramedic. Its purpose is to be used as a primary emergency resuscitation area if a runner is in severe trouble at the finish, and needs care immediately, prior to transferring them to the medical tent.

There will be an advanced life support paramedic stationed along, or at the end of the Mile. Their purpose will be to respond to calls to runners in that area who are in trouble before or as they enter the stadium.

There is a fully staffed Physio tent with 40 beds at the finish venue. This will be situated within the stadium adjacent to the south stand.

Public 1st Aid will be provided by Netcare at the finish venue. It will be found in the vicinity of the Information Tent.

Netcare St. Annes Hospital in Pietermaritzburg and Netcare St. Augustines and Umhlanga Hospitals in Durban will be our primary referral hospitals as in the past.

Runners with Medical Aid will be charged at Medical Aid rates.

Runners without Medical Aid will be treated free of charge for a maximum of 24 hours. This ONLY applies to runners transported from the route or referred from the Medical facility at the finish. It does not apply to runners who make their own way there after finishing the race.

If a runner has a serious medical problem that will need more than 24 hours hospital care and does not have Medical Aid, that runner may be transferred to a Provincial hospital after 24 hours, at the discretion of the relevant hospital management.

We assure runners that the standard of medical care which has been provided by the Comrades Marathon over the years will not be compromised.